A Review of the Forex Trading Robot

A blatantly honest review of the various Forex trading robots is just what it sounds like. The time has been spent looking at all the different systems out there as well as the automated ones to see which myths are true and which are not. Our plan was simple in it’s inception. We wanted to know if Forex trading robots could maintain a consistent level of results.

These were our findings:

You can find Forex trading systems all over the Internet, numbering in the hundreds and ranging in price up to thousands of dollars. In order to properly examine this aspect of Forex trading, we had to figure out if a higher price meant a better program.

We compared a 147 dollar robot with a 600 dollar robot. After analyzing them over time, we learned that they were based on a set of triggers would make a trade if a condition set off one of the said triggers. Each system showed fair results, but this did not last long. After only two months, the 600 dollar system quit producing money while the 147 dollar system kept on the positive side of results and maintained consistency. Seeing as both system were based on triggers and conditions as well as certain rules as well as parameters, we have come to the conclusion that the higher priced robots do not necessarily produce better results. So it is possible that a less expensive system can do much better than one of the higher priced ones.

A Second Look:

We ran three of the cheaper models ranging from 99 to 150 dollars all at the same time starting at the same date to compare them. Each set was once again designed similarly and they all traded through MetaTrader, but each had it’s own triggers and conditions. Each of the three surprisingly remained in the positive even after three whole years of testing, but some of them had longer draw downs than it’s competitors. Seeing how each of them remained on the positive side, we believe that the most reliable forex robot is the ones which do not have large drawn downs to help keep growth consistent over the long term.

Last Conclusion:

The price of the system does not make a difference in the quality of any of forex systems and robots. The less expensive systems can actually do better than the pricey ones. These forex robots are capable of working, however you will need a bit of knowledge of Forex trading before you you start. The best risk to reward ration to follow is 1 win per 4 losses trade wise. Everyone loses trades, that’s part of the system, but if you manage correctly, you are capable of producing a profit from 25% success rate. Many good quality Forex robots are available now. Always do a bit of research on them before you purchase one.

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