Forex technical indicators

Forex this indicator is based on the moving average of the price a few easy sessions. The primary analysis is based on the media by deduction. If the price exceeds the average from the bottom we buy signal. If the average is crossed from the top, then it is a signal to sell. You can also enter a combination of media at different times.


The MACD is one of the most popular indicators. The construction is based on two simple difference different exponential moving average period. On-line forex signals is the average value of the pointer itself. Construction of Foundation involves the generation of signal based on MACD line signal path. If it crossed below, it is the purchase signal and higher sales. The corresponding equilibrium is Declaration signal level breaks.


The RSI is a popular oscillator is used to invest in the stock market although the trend. It provides buy and sell signals in the market in most situations. The RSI was in the vertical scale from 0 to 100. The value of the indicator above 70 is overbought market sign, however, the decline of the indicator under 30 Report sales on the market and, therefore, may be a change in the trend.

When the RSI which were in the area to buy or sell the difference between the osilator movement and price movements are observed. The difference with RSI which can have a dual and can suggest an increase as much as possible or reduce the price.

Positive differences (increases) – appears when the RSI, trend decline in the field is maintained, so again less steep decline, even in the low-price list Easy Forex get deep. This indicates the potential upside recovery. RSI by submitting some increase in signal generation purchase price.

Negative differences (seriously) – appears when the RSI, is in the field of buy game from another peak, defined more and at a lower level. Graphics, peak prices increasing at higher levels. RSI, a little earlier than the future decrease (increase) price, suggested one rotation down (top) and gives a signal to sell (buy).

The slow Stochastic and RSI moving in the range of 0 to 100. Oscillator using two lines:% K and d. main role has been D% line is the main source of the signal. Line% K and% D produce fast stochastic oscillator is supposedly a rarely used due to excessive sensitivity. Slow Stochastic oscillator is "standard" version of the fast, which is maintained with the use of average time a unit of three basic line oscillator signals and% D%% K is the junction line% D%% K always follow and they must take into account the level which they are. The field of% of the total sales of D is less than 30, while the golf cart is more than 70. Display signal normally generated when crossing the line% K (fast) above% decrease on the line. Buy signal occurs when rows K% crossed line% D and started to increase. With the RSI, the main problem in the analysis of stochastic oscillator is to analyze the difference between list price and line% D.

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